Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Cook Eggs

How to Cook Eggs
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How to Scramble Eggs

Most people feel that they know how to cook eggs, and I am sure that they do a pretty good job. However, I have discovered a few refinements over the years which can push scrambled eggs into excellence.

Eggs ala Cliff

• Start with decent eggs.

I currently use locally grown, organic, brown eggs. The choice is yours for the making.

• Let the eggs warm up to room temperature.

Let them sit out for awhile at least, rather than using them right out of the refrigerator.

• Add salt to the mixing bowl, prior to beating the eggs.

You, of course, can’t taste them at this time, but with some experience I am sure that you will know how much to use to suit your own taste. I almost forgot, you should add about a tablespoon of milk per egg at this time. I use almond milk.

By the way, I discovered this intuitively, but there has been a recent study which showed that adding salt before cooking improves the dish due to some protein reaction.

• Butter the frying pan.

Most cooks will agree that the addition of a little butter never hurt any dish, so even though I use an anodized skillet (at this time) I use butter and high heat.

Also, as I generally will add rice, peas, or mushrooms this gives me a medium in which to cook or heat them.

• If they are done in the pan, they are too done on the plate.

I pour the eggs in to the pan and let them sit until a film starts to form around the edges. Then I push the mixture toward the center until it stops forming. No actual mixing takes place during this step. Learning the timing for removing the eggs from the heat will again take some practice, just do not let them get hard. Do remember to use high heat so that the eggs cook quickly.

Serve with appropriate sides and/or garnishes.
Bon appetite!