Thursday, January 16, 2014

Many Benefits Of Keeping Cats Indoors | Natural History Wanderings

Many Benefits Of Keeping Cats Indoors | Natural History Wanderings

There may be something to this. My cats are already indoor cats. We all feel pretty good about it, except for the "big guy". He was living on the street when we took him in and sometimes seems to long for the days when he was free range.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I am sure that many of us take a moment or two on New Year's Day to reflect upon the past year and to ponder what's to come in this one. And, of course, it is also a time of resolutions.

My resolution record for 2013 was not so great, abysmal even. I had only a 41.07% completion rate. While .411 would be incredible for a MLB player, it is not so good in real life where one really needs to accomplish some goals to keep moving ahead. Hopefully, 2014 will be better.

It got off to a good start. I got up, exercised, took the dog for her first walk of the year, came home, and cooked a healthy brunch. But, it is always easy at the beginning. The trick is to keep slogging away as the days drag past.

Many others had similar plans about walking, hiking, and biking. The parking lot for the trailhead was  full and the overflow lot was half full. I will bet that by the end of February we won't see that again.

Anyway, here is to new beginnings, and regular updates to this blog.