Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chilled Rice Salad

Freddo insalata di riso

I have always disliked the solutions, found in so many newspaper or magazine supplements, for "meals in X amount of minutes" that start off with "put sixteen ounces of cooked whatever in a bowl or pan". It assumes that somewhere along the line I had the time to cook the whatever. However, one thing I almost always have on hand is cooked rice. I use it in stir fry, scramble it in eggs, or try to just reheat it - which never seems quite right. Recently,  I came upon a new way to use it.

A quick and easy meal for a hot summer night, assuming one has leftover rice, like I do. Just combine cold basmati rice with parsley, tomato, and cucumber in whatever proportions suit your fancy. I recommend topping with Italian salad dressing, but your taste may vary.

 Cold leftover basmati rice mixed with parsley, tomato, and cucumber
Chilled Rice Salad

Buon divertimento in buona salute!

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