Wednesday, December 28, 2016

National Chocolate Candy Day

Chocolate Candy

Chocolate Candy: photo by Cliff Hutson
Chocolate Candy: photo by Cliff Hutson

National Chocolate Candy Day is observed annually on December 28 in the USA.

Some say that eating chocolate can improve overall health and lower the risk of heart disease. Candy may not be the best form in which to consume it. But, taken in moderation, how bad could it be?

“Like that movie "Touch of Evil" I got the Orson Wells, Marlene Dietrich blues
Where Orson walks in to the whore house and
Marlene says "Man, you look like hell"
And Orson's chewing on a chocolate bar
As the lights go on in the old Blue Star hotel
"Read my future" says old Orson, "down inside the tea leaves of your cup"
And she says "You ain't got no future, Hank,
I believe your future's all used up””

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