Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On Hanging Artwork

One Simple Rule

This afternoon I was about to drive the nails for hanging a newly framed reproduction of the renowned design Falling Water, Mill Run, PA by Frank Lloyd Wright when it occurred to me that there might be some rules about this sort of thing. So I stopped my work and spent some time perusing the internet. Sure enough, there is a rule.

The consensus is that the right height for hanging art is 57″ high on center. The center being the middle of the piece, of course. So, it turned out that I was going to be about an inch too low for the Wright. Then I measured this poster of Picasso and Duchamps which I hung a couple of weeks ago and was very happy with the result - it was right on the mark. A photo I hung last week deliberately to be at my eye level was too high. But, I am above average height.

Running through the house with my tape measure I was surprised at how often, through chance or whatever, this mark had been adhered to, give or take an inch. Conversely, things that have been unsettling are much too high. The 57 inch standard is based on average height, in an average room. Many of us might have to vary it based on our own heights or our plans were the artwork is to be placed. But, it seems to work in most cases.

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