Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

General's Cedar Pointe Pencils

General's Cedar Pointe Pencils
General's Cedar Pointe Pencils: photo by Cliff Hutson

Every time you make a typo,
the errorists win.

We are all prone to making typos, and many escape detection by spellcheck applications and human editors a like. Certainly my share has made it into publication. But, I still get a good laugh at the misfortunes of others. So I was bemused by the Remodelista listing for General's Cedar Pointe pencils. It is not really a typo. They ran the wrong photograph. The website shows the right pencils. But, the photo in the book seems to be of the Badger pencil. I am not sure what that mistake should be called, but the errorists win again.

General's Cedar Pointe pencils feature a natural finish, black imprint, black ferrule and black eraser, as shown in the photo I took of three of the two dozen I have on hand at home. I like the feel of the wood. And, it has a faint, lovely smell of cedar. However, some may find that during extended use a painted finish might be more comfortable. The black eraser erases cleanly. The lead is smoothly consistent and doesn't wear rapidly. These pencils may cost a little more than some garden varieties, but seem to be worth it.

Cedar Pointe Pencils
Cedar Pointe Pencils: photo by Cliff Hutson

But, don't just take my word for it, check out his review from Wood & Graphite:

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