Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Year of Photography - 2015

Looking Backwards

I successfully completed another Photo-A-Day project in 2015. The theme, as I mentioned back in October, was "Notice the Ordinary”. It was a pretty good effort, all-in-all, even though the last month, or so, was a bit of struggle to come up with anything the least bit fresh. This was the second year in a row for such an undertaking, 2014 was devoted to food photography.

Both projects were were engaging, and I think I learned a lot in each year, especially when it came to lighting. But, my aspect ratio also took an interesting turn last year. I switched to a 1:1 format almost exclusively in February. The reason for this change is but a vague memory, save that for the  first twenty years that I did photography all my cameras used a square format - first 120 and then 126 film. I also shot a lot more in black and white than in past years - another return to the early years. The power of nostalgia can not be under estimated in many of my decisions.

Anyway, let me share what I think are the highs and lows of the past year.

The Best:

Another Cup of Coffee: photo by Cliff Hutson
Another Cup of Coffee: photo by Cliff Hutson

My personal favorite is this coffee cup. The only change I would make, hindsight being 20/20, is rotating it a little more so that the “t” in "Crust" would show up a little better.

However, the photo that received the most popular acclaim was of this cup of pasta. It was even selected to be on the front page of Utata.

Shells with Notes: photo by Cliff Hutson
Shells with Notes: photo by Cliff Hutson

The Worst:

The Red Apron: photo by Cliff Hutson
The Red Apron: photo by Cliff Hutson

There is no doubt about this choice. I should have been embarrassed to have posted it at all; but, the day was almost done.

The color is a horrible capture of the true color of the “Red Apron”. Worst, the composition is not all that captivating. But, sometimes, it is what it is.

Looking Ahead:

This year I am going to step back from the self-imposed pressure of trying to take a decent photo every day. I still plan to keep my hand in with “Food Friday”, but probably not on a weekly basis. I also hope to have a little fun with the “Toy Camera” function on my FujiFilm XQ1, just to see how that develops.

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