Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Patch Cat

A type of black-and-white bicolor cat, the "patch cat" is also nicknamed "cow cat" or "moo cat". A patch cat does not have the solid black "jacket" of the tuxedo cat. Instead, it has big black patches over a mostly white body, often with a black mask over the head.  This color pattern gives them a resemblance to the Holstein, (or Frisian) cow, and is the most likely derivation of the name.

These cats are not a specific breed and are named for their coat pattern. Some say that the color of a cat determines its personality. One source posits that patch cats are thought to have the following characteristics: "a love of water, big personalities and a playful nature.”  Another states that "the black and white colored cat tends to be affectionate and lively".

I am going to suggest that this is going to pretty much depend on the particular cat in question. The pattern can show up in many breeds of cats. Behavior is probably more associated with breed. Then each cat is going to have its own distinct personality, just like with people.

Our veterinarian calls Mini a domestic shorthaired (DSH), as she (Mini not the vet) is a cat of mixed ancestry. Mini will occasionally dabble in water, but has never shown what I would call a love for it. She is affectionate, and was quite animated in her youth. 

One of her favorite tricks was to perch in a high place and jump on me when I passed by so that she perch on my shoulder like a pirate's parrot. Thus life imitated the art of the Non Sequitur comic strip wherein Captain Eddie's cat, Paulie,  rides along with him. While this was not a problem when I was wearing a heavy shirt, it could be quite painful foe me. I am glad that she has outgrown this habit.


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