Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My Old Cook Book
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I no longer remember when I began to learn to cook, but by the time I was twelve, when called upon, I could prepare a meal for the family. Once on my own, during collage and working I continued to cook, although nothing I made was very involved. When I moved in with the woman who was to become my wife we split duties in the kitchen about evenly. That was when I purchased the cookbook pictured here. I can not vouch for the current edition, this one is from the 70s, but I still feel that it was one of the best on the market. However, as I began getting increased responsibilities at work, putting in more hours at the office and sitting longer in traffic - I stopped cooking.

A few months ago, after a year or so of watching the Food Network, I announced that I was going to begin cooking again when I retired. Then, a short time later, I decided there was no need to wait and started to prepare meals on the weekends, a small step to be sure, but quite enjoyable.

The act of cooking is quite pleasing in itself. I actually get excited when I can successfully transform ingredients into food. Mainly, I depend on recipes to do what I do. But, I am also able to make successful departures from time to time. My goal is to learn is to learn how to put things together, rather than carefully proceed through a list step by step, with confidence and aplomb.

It would be wonderful to be able to stroll through the famers’ market some Sunday, pick up a few things that look first-class, and come home and fix something that tastes good. I have a lot to learn about flavors, textures, and balance before this happens. I think I can do it with observation and practice. Then, maybe by the time I retire I will actually have my own repertoire and really cook up a storm.

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