Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Milestone

Over a Million Views

Basil: photo by Cliff Hutson

Last week while I was at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, observing a major milestone in my life; a minor event occurred as well. My Flickr account (where I am known as "The Marmot") received  its one millionth view.

I joined Flickr in 2005, and am not certain if reaching this number was all that timely or not. But, it is what it is. My most viewed viewed photograph over the majority of the intervening years was of a sprig of basil my late wife grew in her garden back in July 2007. It was linked to quite a bit as a definition of the plant, and to illustrate articles on herbs and the Mediterranean diet.

May 2014 Books: photo by Cliff Hutson

November 2014 Books: photo by Cliff Hutson
However, it has been greatly overtaken by photos of books I read in May 2014 and November 2014. This surprises me. They are both decent photos, but I think that there are many stronger ones in my photo stream. But, one them has been linked to, and they both have both appeared on Flickriver; I guess that helps. 

Field Notes: photo by Cliff Hutson

The fact that the Field Notes Mixed Three Pack has also surpassed the basil is less of an anomaly. There are a lot of Field Notes fans out there, and it has also received some links.

Field Notes, Too: photo by Cliff Hutson

The photo I call "Field Notes, Too" has a chance of moving into the top four. It is currently my favorite of the photographs that have been viewed in five figure numbers, fond as I am of the basil. I clearly put some work into the composition. And, think that it demonstrates my odd sense of humor as well.

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