Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rice and Beans

A Dish of Many Cultures

Arroz y frijoles: photo by Cliff Hutson
Arroz y Frijoles: photo by Cliff Hutson

Rice and beans are a popular combination in many different cultures around the world, and for good reasons. The dish is economical, low in fat, and packed with complex carbohydrates. In addition, a meal of rice and black beans (which you can see I do not use all the time) is high in protein and has at least 10 seven vitamins and minerals.

One source says that this combination, which is practically a national dish in Brazil, is nutritious and filling, and may be a key to weight loss as well. If one is to believe WebMD, it may aid in disease prevention, too.

I use brown rice instead of white rice, which is said to double the amount of magnesium, potassium and zinc, and add six times more fiber. Adding peppers adds adds a dose vitamin C.

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday: photo by Cliff Hutson
Meatless Monday: photo by Cliff Hutson

While I will gladly eat rice and beans any day of the week, it has become my go to meal on Meatless Monday. I pretty much limit eating red meat to no more than twice a month, for reasons of health. But, I frequently eat other meats and seafood; after all, I am an omnivore. However, on Mondays I make an attempt to avoid all meat. I see this as an example of environmental vegetarianism, which could be seen as choosing what is best for the earth and my body.  Frances Moore LappĂ© says that this “a daily action that reminds us of our power to create a saner world.” 

Fancy Beans over Rice: photo by Cliff Hutson
Fancy Beans over Rice: photo by Cliff Hutson


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